The E4 team have designed a collection of digital assignments which can support your employability skills development, and help you populate your YES passports. There are 42 assignments in total divided as follows: 10 basic, 8 intermediate and 24 advanced. The basic and intermedia are free and you are advised to work through these first to ensure that the $1 assignments you elect to purchase meet your professional development plans.         

Digital Assignments FAQs:

  • How important is my wording and language use? Do not stress the wording that you use to record your skills, make sure it makes sense but recognise that when it’s part of your CV it offers an opportunity for you to highlight and discuss your skills development journey. Recognise that editing is an important skill to develop so check your entries from time to time and as you get better at recording you can improve.
  • While my assignments be marked? The assessment process does not involve marking, but rather allows the E4 team to keep a portfolio of your work and to act as a reference for any applications that you make. You can request assignment marking but this will incur a small fee of $3 per assignment.
  • Can I get a formal employability award or qualification? Your assignment portfolio can be used to get a formal employability award from Eduqual this will cost $25 and will require that all your YES passport stamps are coloured with suitable evidence and you have completed all free assignments and at least 10, $1 contracts.