$1 Assignments

$1 Digital Assignments

Here you will find $1 assignments that you can purchase and work through. These have all been linked to on of the 17 United Nations (UN) 2030 Sustainability Goals. Take time to consider which skills you need to develop and which areas of your YES passport needs to be populate before you purchase any of these assignments. Each assignment costs $1 and are organised according to the YES Passport categories.

Self-management / Taking responsibility

Working effectively with other people

Business and customer awareness

Decision-making and Problem-solving

Initiative and enterprise

Communication and Literacy


Using ICT

Reflection and Accreditation

  • Reflection: Complete a comprehensive reflection essay to secure a E4 Reference for job applications. My Journey and Portfolio
  • Accreditation: Your assignment portfolio can be used to get a formal employability award from Eduqual this will cost $25 and will require that all your YES passport stamps are coloured with suitable evidence and you have completed all free assignments and at least 10, $1 contracts.